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Get ready to be transported to the year 2087, where the people of Earth are about to face the most relentless enemy humankind has ever seen. Their only hope for salvation is , a super-hero with superhuman strength, impenetrable armor and quantum energy weapons. Teknoman has the ability to crush evil — but he is also in constant danger of losing his humanity and succumbing to the dark side of his powers. Blade, who, together with a special task force called the Space Knights, must rescue his family from the clutches of Darkon — the ruthless Venomoid Warlord determined to conquer the Earth. Brainwashed and mutated into evil, mindless Tekno-beings by Darkon, Blade’s family members are both the enemy he must confront and the loved ones he must save. Darkon, together with his lieutenant, Dagger, controls an army of gigantic, biomech Spidercrabs. As Darkon’s forces are decimating the military forces on Earth, they are also seeding the entire planet with alien spore plants. These plants will eventually become Teknopods, which will turn the entire population of Earth into inhuman mutants loyal to Darkon. Not even the most skilled, courageous warrior stands a chance against Darkon and his hoards of Venomoid monsters.


The Space Knights are a special task force of Earth’s most courageous defenders led by Commander Jamison. They include Ringo Richards, pilot of the Space Knights ship “Blue Earth;” STAR SUMMERS, the “Blue Earth’s” navigator; Maggie Matheson, the Space Knight science officer and computer wizard; Tina Corman, communications officer; and Mac Mackelroy, the chief engineer and bio-mechanic. Through the use of his mysterious emerald Tekno-crystal, Blade is empowered with the characteristic superhuman strength, impenetrable armor and quantum energy weapons of a Teknoman. Unlike other Tekno-beings, Blade uses his powers to fight Darkon, rather than encourage his evil reign of terror. However, if Blade is in his Teknoman state for more than 30 minutes at a time, he will turn into a mutant, lose his humanity, and become Darkon’s slave forever. After losing a fight with Dagger, Blade falls to Earth and is discovered by Ringo and Star, who take him back to the medical lab at the Command Center. Blade has no recollection of how he got to the Space-Ring, only that he suddenly saw the Spidercrabs attacking it, and somehow knew he had to defend it. Understandably, the Space Knights are frustrated by Blade’s amnesia. Especially wary is Ringo, who is suspicious of Blade’s origins and motives.


Blade’s real name is Nick Carter. He and his family — his father, his sister Shara, his younger brother, twin brother, older brother and his older brother’s fiancee — were among the crew of the deep-space research vessel “The Argos.” During the mission, they encountered a strange, alien craft near the moon Io. When they boarded the seemingly lifeless vessel to investigate, they were attacked by monstrous alien life-forms — Teknopods — which swallowed them whole, then began to transform them into Tekno-beings. Blade’s father sacrificed his own life to free Blade just before his son’s transformation was complete, shoving Blade into an escape capsule and sending it rocketing toward Earth. Blade doesn’t remember how long he was in the capsule. He regained consciousness somewhere near the Space-Ring, where he saw Darkon’s alien Spidercrabs begin their attack and somehow knew that he must intervene. Blade and the Space Knights will eventually discover that the seeds which Darkon has planted throughout the Earth will develop into Teknopods, which, if not destroyed, will turn the entire population of Earth into Tekno-beings — slaves of the Venomoids. Now Blade faces the awesome challenge of stopping the formidable Darkon while trying to rescue his family and transform them from Tekno-beings to human beings.


The Space Knights, and everyone else on Earth, are intrigued by Blade’s mystical power to transform into his Teknoman persona. Unfortunately, they will find that some people, such as the Earth’s opportunistic, power-hungry General Galt, would rather use that power to further their own ambitions rather than to defend the planet. Many obstacles must be overcome by Blade and the Space Knights, and they know that defeating Darkon will not be an easy task. With each challenge he faces, Blade learns that he cannot fight Darkon alone. He comes to depend on and admire the Space Knights, and the bond becomes mutual. Together, they become a true team — and fight what is indeed a tougher battle than they could have ever imagined.

Also Known As:

  • Tecnoman (Spanish)
  • Teknoman
  • Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade (Japanese)

Air Date:

  • 1992-02-18 to 1993-02-02

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