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In 3 years time, the earth will perish due to the pollution. Mankind has to look for a new home, a second Earth. But just as the search for a new home is about to begin, an alien race called the Waldaster attack Earth to conquer it. The Waldaster leader, Dobrai, send his captain Rambos to attack earth but he faces heavy resistance from the Space Knights. The Space Knights are a group of people whose mission it is to find a new home planet and to defend Earth from the Waldaster. This group exists of the scientist Amachi, Joji, Hiromi and the 2 aliens from a planet called Sanno, Andro and Mutan.

Also known as:

  • Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman
  • Tekkaman
  • Tekkaman El Caballero Galactico (Spanish)
  • Tekkaman Il Cavaliere dello Spazio (Italian)
  • Tekkaman, the Space Knight

Air Date:

  • 1975-07-02 to 1975-12-24

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Warrior of the Sun

The story begins with a space craft flying in space. It seems that the people of earth are destroying it by polluting the environment and nuclear war. The captain of the vessel is the main character’s father . His vision is to complete the ‘Space Expansion Program’ which will help humanity survive and hopefully rebuild. Suddenly, the space craft is attacked by an unknown alien race. The crew battles for their lives, but are quickly overwhelmed by the alien’s superior weapons. The ship is destroyed. Joji, the main character finds out his father has died and is very angry.

Shortly thereafter, the Chief of the Space Knight Program tells Joji about Pegas. A robot which he has been working on for over three years and which has the ability to transform humans into Tekkaman. Of course, he mentions that this transformation can only occur with certain humans whom posess the proper wavelengths, others who try may not survive the process. He tells Joji that Pegas is his, and that Earth has only three years to survive.Later a strange visitor from space crashes onto earth. He is abord the Blue Earth when Joji goes into space and is attacked by the aliens. Joji is forced to use the Tekkaman process and beats the aliens. The visitor surprises Joji and tells him that he is here to help the human race, and that the alien race called the Valdastars are trying to conquer the entire solar system and kill every human. Of course, Joji can’t let that happen and so begins the story of Tekkaman: The Space Knight.

Episode 2: The Waldaster

Dobrai, the ruler of the universe, uses Rambos to direct Gander, the leader of the Waldaster. They have already penetrated the solar system. In order to stop them, the Blue Earth was sent into space. Then comes Andro Umeda. Who is he? In face of a dying earth, Tekkaman steps out in defense.

Episode 3: The Alien Sabotage

The Leap Flight Machine, which makes rapid space travel possible, is finally invented by Mr. Amachi. This is a giant step forward for the Space Expansion Project of the International Space Center. Gander who knows about the project sends his soldiers to stop them. Tekkaman flies into space to protect the Leap Flight Machine

Episode 4: The Birth of the Space Team

Gander is invading the solar system. He is sending a robot to earth. Under Mr. Amachi’s order, Tekkaman, Hiromi, Andro, Pegas and Mutan are to work together. THe Space Team is thus born and Andro’s secrets will also be revealed.

Episode 5: Battle of the Asteroid

In the global food crisis, a country developed a frightening new weapon. Rambos is behind it all. Gander’s evil hands have reached this country. Tekkaman who knows of this, chases Rambos to the end of the universe. But in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter Gander sets up a trap

Episode 6: Ant Hell on Moon

The waldster space fleet has begun attacks on the earth defense unit on the moon base.

The earth forces were overwhelmed. The waldaster are setting up a base closer to earth. Everyone is worried that earth doesn’t stand a chance. Joji decides its time to take some action. Andro Umeda decides to warp in, and tells Joji where to safely land so that the Blue Earth will remain hidden. Andro decides to scout ahead. The waldaster have finished building an impressive moon base in a short period of time for mass producing biochemical alien troops.Andro gets captured by Rambos and put in a magnetic cage. Rambos tricks Andro into telling him where the blue earth is hidden. Joji tells Hiromi to go back to earth while he stops the Waldaster as Tekkaman. In the meantime, Mutan is able to free Andro. Andro and Tekkaman square off against Rambos latest creation.

Episode 7: Space Transporter K432

Waldster spies try to kill Mr. Amachi. Since Andro is an alien with supernatural abilities, he is able to use his telepathy to find out what happened to Mr. Amachi only a few minutes prior. Mutan is able to find the spy, who turns out to be a child. Seiki, lost his father when the Space Angel was attacked by the Waldaster. Rambos sends out his elite commandos. They destroy an earth transport ship then assume its identity. They infiltrate space station near uranus. Andro launches the blue earth before Joji has a chance to drop off Seiki. Joji tells Seiki to stop whining about his father since he himself lost his father on the Blue Angel. Joji fights the elite commando ships as Tekkaman. Seiki fires a turbo magnetic beam attachment that Andro gives him.

Episode 8: Man Eating Plants from Space

The Waldster have started entering the earth with their space ships. Gander sends a present which noone on earth expects. A giant seed which when struck by earth missles explodes and spreads seedlets all over the earth. The seeds begin to grow and flowers grow all over. No one can tell that the plants grew because of the seedlets that fell. Everyone is happy that the earth is green and full of life again. Mr. Amachi suspects something. The chief global biologist tells him that the plants are a completely new species. In fact, they are are a carnivorous species from space. The scientists believe they can blow the plants up, but they just keep coming. Andro informs Mr. Amachi that the Sannos injected themselves with anti-virus serum against the plants. Andro’s blood is used to develop a solution to the problem. The aliens attack since their ‘green trap’ fails. A spray is developed to kill all the carnivirous plants.

Episode 9: Space Ninja Shinobino

Captain Rambos spacecraft base lies somewhere near Jupiter. Scientists on earth are trying to avoid the three year deadline that Earth has. Purine, a scientist who would rather live on earth, is attacked by the enemy. Andro secretly tells the earth population that the world will be destroyed. A fact that has kept people from panicking. Joji suspects Andro and pisses him off. Gambos tricks a naive Purine into thinking that telling everyone that the world will end will save the earth since the goverment will have to resurrect research to ‘refine’ earth again. Gander sends Space Ninja Shinobinos to the Earth Refine research centre. Andro interrupts their plans. Andro infiltrates Rambos base and is attacked. Andro tells Mr. Amachi that the waldaster are going to build a base near Wulanta Highlands. Tekkaman goes to stop the waldaster forces.

Episode 10: The Naughty Tekkaman Team

Captain Rambos sends the Gassy Men and steal the design plans for Pegas. The tekkaman’s secret is now leaked. Joji and the space knight team are surprised by the turn of events. A group of teenagers calling themselves the Tekkaman Team appears. They lurk into the Waldaster’s spaceship and fight with Rambos. Rambos has an idea and wants to make false Pegas. He makes the teenages the Tekkaman of Gander to challenge the real tekkaman. They don’t know the truth and take the challenge.

Episode 11: Lost Spaceship

Rambos thinks that the best way to defeat Tekkaman is to get Joji before he transforms. He sends the Yameban Men who travel to earth via a small spaceship. Meanwhile there is an attach on a spaceship which is entering Earth orbit without warning. The International Space Center has a series of computer problems. The Yameban Men attack Tekkaman by melting and attacking as a mysterious shade.

Episode 12: Ambush! Robot Trap

In order to attack the tight security of the Space Center, the Waldaster use five robots disguised as meteors. While being powerful just by themselves, when combined, they form the powerful robot Biktar.Gander knows that if Pegas isn’t around, Joji can’t transform into Tekkaman. NOw the robot’s target is Pegas who gets trapped inside a cave. Biktar closes in on Joji who is unable to transform into Tekkaman.

Episode 13: The Decisive Space Battle

General Sibida of the Earth Defense Unit.

He builds a powerful space troop and makes the first move. Mr. Amachi strongly opposes directly attacking the powerful Waldaster.

General Sibida believes that earth can’t always rely on the Space Knights. Joji and the others are angered by this. Then, Joji get captured by an alien spy and is about to be executed.

Episode 14: The Approaching Giant Meteor

A big meteor is about to hit the earth at full speed. No one knows why Rambos, who should have known about this, sent spies to the Space Center to cause an uprising. Why are the Waldaster interested in Earth which will soon vanish from the solar system ? The determined Amachi tells the Space Knights to fly straight into the meteor.

Episode 15: Battle of Eliminating Humans

Insects are nearly extinct on earth, so the children are especially excited when they discover bugs that they can communicate with. The insects turn out to be Waldaster’s robots on earth to investigate humans. The insects can emit a deadly ray that kills people. When the space knights get into trouble, Tekkaman’s tekka-darts save the day.

Episode 16: Micro Ants

After completing the tests on the space tower, Dr Tsumura and his family returned to earth. His daughter Yuriko and her friend Hiromi are happy to see each other again. But, Yuriko’s body has been invaded by Waldaster’s micro ants, which are controlling her body. The micro ants attack Tekkaman with saucers the size of sand. Sometimes they merge into a sand storm. Tekkaman uses every last resort to battle them.

Episode 17: The Strange Alien Birds

In order to defeat Tekkaman the Waldaster invented a conducter. Tekkaman is numbed by the voltage and cannot go into battle. Rambos sends out strange birds that can emit high voltage currents to earth. This time, the enemies are the conductor and the alien birds.

Episode 18: Tekka Spear Returns

In order to destroy earth, the Waldaster believe that it is necessary to burn the remaining food supply. Captain Rambos is using big robots to set fire to the food storage facilities on earth. They are also building control centers on earth. The Waldaster have also sent out many destructive machines aided by the aliens of the Ice Planet. Finally it worked at 200 degrees below zero, the aliens that turn everything into ice.

Epsiode 19: War in the Space Playground

Mr. Amachi has built a space amusement park near Mars. The Waldaster have discovered the plans which have been opposed by many international leaders. With the space knights looking on, the Waldaster releases a full scale attack. Joji is unable to transform into Tekkaman so Amachi has ordered Pegas to stay on earth.

Episode 20: Alien Robot Crab Monster

Captain Rambos creates a Hi-Tech Space Robot called ‘Crab Monster’ to battle against Pegas. Destroy the bases of the Security Army located on an isolated island. Ganila rages throughout the entire earth. Finally, the space knights arrive to fight against it. Rambo’s giant space torpedo is aimed at earth, this is a tactic to seperate Tekkaman and Pegas.

Episode 21: Fight! Girl Adventurer

The girl with the dog saw rabbits going into the Super Power Research Center, with the scorpion fish from the sea and moutains. Strangely enough nothing happened. Was the girl hallucinating? Meanwhile, the earth is burning because rays emitted from the moon have hit the earth’s surface. Are the hallucinations and the fires connected?

Episode 22: Andro, Close Shave

Andro was caught by Gander and was brough back to Sanno. However, when andro went back to Sanno he saw the Sannos which were caught by Gander. No matter what Andro said, Rambos asked him to defeat Tekkaman. Gander will use the technology to help Andro save the Sanno.While watching his fellow men suffered, Andro promised Rambos’ request.

Episode 23: Boltika Three Scale Attack

Invisible Monster of the Gander attacks the Space Center. The International Space Center has been destroyed. The Space Knight are chasing the murderer. They are sad about these things. Though Joji transfigures and uses the Boltika Attack. He over used his strength and faint wandering in the universe. Pegas who tries to save Tekkaman is destroyed too. What should Space Knights do to this kind of situation?

Episode 24: Crash! The Monster Machines

Pegas Sacrifices himself to save Joji. With Mr. Amachi’s help, he wins the war. But he can’t rise again and can’t be reborn again. Rambos wants to destroy the spaceship. He makes the desert city a trap. All the roads and buildings become creature like machines. Men in the spaceship are all in danger.

Episode 25: Brave Boy’s Challenge

Chief Amachi finds the Second Base. The human beings immigrant plan. They work hard to achive this goal. Finally the worldwide conference will be opened. Gander sends the nether tank and find out the location of the meeting. Destroys them once and for all. They hide under the surface destroy the cities and factories.The Space Knights take actions, Tadashi joins the fight. He find the invisible nether tank and fight with the tekkaman.

Episode 26: Tekkaman’s Victory

Finally, Mr. Amachi completes the machine. The Space Knights find the Second Earth. Although Gander retrieves attacks the international space center. Under this kind of situation Blue Earth departs. The flying saucers and other spaceships are waiting for it. We don’t know if the Earth can win or not. For the dream and hope of mankind, Raise up, Tekkaman.


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